Serving New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties  

Proud to be a Notary

As a PROUD NOTARY PUBLIC, I set up some Guidelines for myself to follow:

1.       Knowing and keeping abreast of my Notary Public State Laws.

2.       Being Consistent and having a Consistent Routine for each notarization.

3.       Keeping a Detailed Journal for reference along with Personal Appearance AND Proper Valid Identification.

4.       If needing assistance at a notarial ceremony, contacting the NNA/ASN Member Services for proper guidance in/for my state OR at the very least contacting the Notary Public Administrator in the Notary Public section office in our state government in Dover.

Some thoughts on being a Proud Notary (10+ years):

  •          Being of service and having interaction with the public here in my state/jurisdiction.

  •         Being that “impartial witness”.         Helping deter and avoid possible fraud by those who are requesting possible illegal notarizations.

  •          Preventing coercion by unwilling signers or family.

  •         Helping those who need a notarization done correctly and professionally.

  •          Calming the worries/concerns of the client’s and/or their family.

  •     Having had the opportunity to notarize documents for some couples/individuals adopting children here in the United States and abroad.

  •          Providing services to nursing homes, senior center facilities and health care/hospice facilities.

  •          Mentoring new notaries public and learning from seasoned notaries public so not to fall into the same pitfalls.

  •          Enjoy seeing the smile on the client’s face, to hear a “Thank you” for the time I took to help out and possibly get a hug/handshake or two.

  •          Learning (education) new avenues that a notary public can take to expand ways for business and potential career paths.

My list could go on.