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Whether you are a first time visitor or stop by often, we are glad you have chosen to visit our website where we would like you to be a part of the Delaware Notary Association and the “Find a Notary” listing database.  The Delaware Notary Association is a non-profit association and is a caring, loyal group of professional Delaware Notaries Public. 

Take advantage of the Learning Opportunities, Networking with fellow Delaware Notaries Public and being listed in the Delaware Notary Public Locator to market your notarial skills. 

Mission Statement:

The Delaware Notary Association advocates:  Pride, Professionalism, Education and Encouragement to current and prospective Notaries Public.  We offer:  Guidance to perform proper notarizations that avoid liability, Prevent Fraud with skills needed to properly perform their duties and Up-To-Date information of changes in Delaware laws.  These are important to instill Integrity, Impartiality and Confidence in Notaries Public to our community.  All the while offering Education, Support and Guidance to new and renewing notaries public in the process of commissioning either by paper or electronic.

The Delaware Notary Association is committed to provide education, training and good business practices standards of care while promoting a positive image of the Delaware Notary Public.

Our goal is to set  higher standards of competence and long term relationships with the general public with accurate and timely notarial services ensuring the utmost privacy and confidentiality.


    Being Knowledgeable of the Delaware Notary Public Statutes regarding the Duties and Powers of the Notary Public office without compromise.

    Personal AppearanceA Must and to screen each signer for identity, willingness and make awareness of the significance of each transaction requiring a notarial act.

    Recommending that all Delaware Notaries Public keep a Detailed Journal of each notarization even though not a requirement here in the State of Delaware.

    Consistent Routine for every notarization – Done Correctly, Respectfully, and Professionally.

    Upholding the Trust, Integrity and Confidence placed in the Notary Public by the public that We Serve.

    Avoid Unauthorized Practice of Law unless licensed to do so.  The Notary Public shall act as a Ministerial/Governmental Officer and Public Servant.

    Mentoring new Notaries Public and Learning from Seasoned Notaries so NOT to fall into the same Pitfalls.

    Exploring new avenues that a Notary Public can take to expand ways for Business and Career Paths.

    Deter possible Fraud by those requesting Illegal Notarizations and Coercion by Unwilling signers.

    As a Notary Public – We Must Serve as an official, impartial witness in our jurisdictions and NOT Benefit, Profit or Gain from any transactions we witness and as state appointed officials that We Act with the Authority of the state, apart from the fee allowed by Delaware statute for a notarial act.

    Maintaining a professional manner suitable for the Notary Public office that we Hold and Serve, Treating each Individual Fairly, Equally and in an Unbiased Manner.

    Respecting the Privacy of each signer and Never to divulge the contents or facts of any document that we notarize without Proper Authority.

    Insuring the safe keeping of Your Notary Seal, Stamp and Records as they are NOT to be used by any other person.

the “Code of Ethics” (American Society of Notaries) and the “Notary Public   Code of Professional Responsibility” (National Notary Association).  See Respective Navigational Tabs to View each Document.

Whatever your purpose or motivation for visiting, please look us over.  We are confident you will find additional reasons to come back and visit us again.  We welcome your thoughts and ideas in making the Delaware Notary Association a worthwhile association.  Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.  We’re ready to make some new friends.


Notaries Public are  PROHIBITED  by law from rendering legal advice of any nature during or in conjunction with a Notarial Act unless licensed OR trained to do so.  If you have any questions, please consult an attorney or licensed professional PRIOR TO contacting a Notary Public.





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February 20, 2017